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January 18, 2005

The day my life changed forever.

The day I could not understand how everyone in the world could just keep going when the one person I know and loved was no longer here with me. 
My heart still kept beating but his didn’t. 
I wasn't alone that day..... I know we all felt that awful lump in our throat. I know that we all cried even if it was to ourselves. I cried for days. And today? I still cry...only I hide it a little better.
Our world doesn’t seem to realize that the most amazing person is no longer here. The person with a sense of humor unlike any other... he was witty, charming, itimidating yet loving man who few of us were lucky enough to really get to know. And he was no longer here with us starting now. 
And still the world keeps going.
This Site Is For Him.....

He deserved his name & his memory 
to be kept alive forever.
That is all he ever wanted. 
To be known.

Marc Rene Proulx 
 was fortunate enough to be given to loving parents 
and a good home. He grew up knowing he was special. 
If you asked him he would grin and say it..
And one day I asked him at what age he learned that 
he was adopted....
Grinning...he just looked at me and said he didn’t remember 
but they told me "I was special! "
 He was and still is at least in my heart. 
And his heart was as big as he was.
For anyone that knows of someone adopted 
I don’t think you will find a more unique statement 
to make to your biological mom...
 the very first time you talk to her.

"Hi mom...thanks for having me"

I never even thought to say it to my own mom. 
But I should have. 
We all should have or we wouldn’t be here.

I will eventually list every characteristic about Marc 
that I know of but if you knew Marc there is no way to 
even begin to describe someone like him. 
He was so unique. 
He really should have been famous. 
He could have touched so many more lives.

The passion he had for life in him was enormous. 
You would feel the intensity when hed explain one of his 
ideas or the excitement in his voice when you were
doing something with him he loved. 
He always told me he never wanted to grow up 
for fear of losing his artistic edge. 
 And that the shock value is where it’s at!
....he lived for it......

Marc had a heart of gold.  
But very few got to see it. 
He had an image to uphold… that tough guy Image. 

He always said people suck and they will take advantage of you if you let your guard down. He was always teaching 
me something for my own good, and  trying to protect me. 
I use to hate to admit he was always right on a lot of 
points. This point was one of them. People can and will take advantage of you if you let them.

As broken as his heart was 
you could still feel the love and the passion for life 
he had every day. 
He could never learn enough. 
He knew words I had to use a dictionary to figure out what 
he was saying. 
He made you laugh when things seemed bad. 

He made you look at yourself when you didn’t want to. 

He was a son,
a brother,
an uncle, 

and a friend.

After Marc's death I found a list titled 
41 things I am sorry for. 
That was all it said..and the list of 41 things...
as I read it I knew who it was meant for...why had he never given it to me. And by this list the way I felt made me see how badly you can hurt someone in your actions..
the one thing that sticks out for me is number 11. 
it said...
i am sorry for that time I got you a hamburger 
with everything on it....
and only you and I know what I must of said that day to make you sorry for doing something for me....
I can only say I am sorry for more than 41 things..and that # 42 would be I am sorry I never got to say goodbye 
to one of the best friends I could have ever had. 
I just wished I was lucky enough to have told him how I truly felt about him. 
Now I am left with the hope that he knows by my tears 
and days when I feel so lonely and the ache that I feel 
because he is not with me. 
He really didn’t think he would be missed by that many. 
He was really wrong about that and I know he has see it. 
I would love to tell him SEE...I TOLD YOU SO! ;-)

Not a day goes by that I do not think about him. 

I will keep a part of him with me forever in my heart.

This site is dedicated to Marc for being who he was. 
I wanted the world to know what a great Artist he was 

as well as the wonderful person he was. 
I also wanted to share all the fun and the reasons 
why I idolized him. He wanted to be famous...
I’m sure I wasn’t the following he expected....
but I will admit I was his number one fan.

I have been in Marc's life for well over 15 years. 
We have had our share of good times and bad. 
The good outweigh the bad there is no doubt about that. 
Marc taught me how to live happy...
he taught me how to be loved....
and he taught me that a 6'3 intimidating man 
could actually be a big teddy bear that had a wonderful 
loving side even with his broken little heart.

I hope you enjoy the stories told by his family and his friends...the tributes, the memories and the Art by of one 
of the greatest guys to have lived on this earth. 
He was no Einstein or Beethoven.... 
I think he was better... he was


Marc is survived by

His Parent's
Ken, Carmen and Jeanne
His brother Alain
His neice Chrissy and her husband Mr Chrissy
his great neice Amelia
His kitty Dinky.....
His friends
and me &rea
 **Goodnight my little seamonkey.....I hope your waiting for me there when its my turn..It is the one thing I actually look forward to in death.........hugging u again!

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